When we talk about DJs who have a great talent for selecting records, crafting unexpected music stories, and creating meaningful dancefloor experiences, Vladimir Ivkovic is one of the first that comes to mind. Salon des Amateurs resident and the head of Offen label makes his Lizdas Club debut on Saturday in Dykuma night. Before all the ceremonies, we caught up with him and asked him a few questions.

interviewed by Justas Kontrimas & Dovydas Kaubrys


What’s the latest thing you are happy about these days?



When it comes to your DJ sets, you do not restrict yourself from choosing unconventional paths to blend genres into one meaningful continuum. If there is, what is the narrative you’re trying to communicate once you are behind the decks?

We don’t have the roadmap for all this. There are no paths. There are selections of music, present, stories, vibes,  tensions, dances, transcendence, (…) and the only narrative is maybe the one of fearlessly taking all that and more seriously, sometimes from the perspective of Guy Gadbois.


Storytelling is another thing we love about your sets. How do you prepare for your sets? And, after these years, did the approach to preparing for their change in any way?

The preparation never ends. I listen to and look for music that means something to me, then I play it. The final selection before I leave to play is comparable to seasons and clothes - if I imagine that some sort of winter is waiting on the other end I’d take a scarf. Or not. 


You’ve amassed a great collection of records over the years, and curiosity is taking over here. What’s the first record you’ve acquired?

That one I still remember well! First record that I bought from my pocket money that I had for school (meals) was The Fall „This Nations Savin Grace“ and I still love it. Before that I was harassing my family and friends with lots of records. 


And what would be the last one?

The last one was Christian Love Forum „Naked Light“ on The Death Of Rave / Love Adult Entertainment. 


Lithuania – whether it is an ambient festival at the seaside or a party in the capital – is on your roadmap for a number of years. How would you describe the connection with the people you meet, the crowd in clubs in this corner of the globe?

I love it. Manfredas is there, a special friend, I met some dear people over the years. I even met Maria Rossi aka Cucina Povera on Baltic pagan grounds, Manfredas brought us together, and the encounter resulted in a wonderful EP on Offen Music. But that’s one side of the story. 

There is this general good vibe, great energy since years, knowledge, fun, curiosity… There is an amazing social network and I can imagine how much effort and enthusiasm is needed to pull all that off. It is inspiring to see all that happening, and I don’t want to overthink the reasons. I love to embrace it. 


Next Saturday you are visiting the Dykuma (EN: Desert) party in Lizdas. The concept of the desert might be interpreted literally or figuratively, but we are curious – what would be the song that could conceptualize the desert in your terms?

The Sabres of Paradise - Clock Factory

If you want to witness what Dykuma is all about, there couldn’t be a better time. Two DJs who need no introduction. Two like-minded personalities: Manfredas and Vladimir Ivkovic meet on special occasions. One of them will happen here in Kaunas. And to make sure that we come out alive and well, the hosts Justautas and Kaubrys will take care of it.

Dykuma | 03.04